Motions and Pleadings

Drafting of Petitions and pleadings is the deciding factor in any litigation.  Therefore, you need a Lawyer who can put your grievances and defenses into words, in the best manner possible.

Drafting Legal Documents

To negate the chances of dispute and litigation, it is imperative that the business transaction is properly documented and recorded, while keeping the best interest of the parties in mind.

Trademarks and Copyrights

It takes a lifetime to build a name...!!
And one should be vigilant to protect it. We have extensive experience in registration, opposition, maintenance and litigation relating to Intellectual Property.

Legal Opinion

With the advancement of science and technology, the methods of governance and laws have also become complex. To preclude yourself from any legal liability arising out of any business or other activity, you should take the opinion of an expert Lawyer.

Incorporation of Companies

Setting up a business is a mighty task, you need an expert hand to sail you through the complexities of incorporation of Company smoothly and without any turbulence.

Technology & Cyber Laws

The recent surge in Technology and Cyber inventions have led to the increased complexity in administration of the Intellectual property and Technology laws. We at the Law office of Ramakant Singh are pioneers in the field of Technology and Cyber Laws.

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